Welcome to my little corner of the internet. And hey, thanks for stopping by! Allow me to introduce myself-

My name is Derrick Quilling. I staked out this little internet claim back in 2012 with the hopes of turning my passion into a career so I could quit my day job. After the first flurry of photo uploads in 2012, I never promoted, spoke of, or even touched this website again. My photos sat here to rot, and of course, I never made enough money to quit my day job. But I did get laid off instead.

Being laid off provided me with an opportunity to really pursue a career in photography. Or so I thought…After spending a couple of unemployed months underselling myself and my photography skills on Craigslist, I ran out of money and was forced to get a “real” job. Within a few weeks my bags were packed, my plane ticket was purchased with borrowed money, and I was off to work. I was going to Alaska to become a commercial fisherman.

For five years I have lived and worked aboard fishing vessels in Alaska. Each year I’d spend an average of six months on the water. The other six months I’d spend traveling or poking around the Colorado Rockies. However, no matter where I was going, my camera has been and always will be the first thing I pack for my adventures. This is simply because I love photography!

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